Snap Map Update aims to create Bitmoji World for its Users

Snapchat launched snap maps one year back, but as it was very dry people seldom used it. It seems like the company realised that it should add some colours to snap maps so it is giving geolocation feature more colourful visuals with two updates coming soon. There is no timeline when this Snap Map update will come.

Snap Maps update makes your Bitmoji’s world look a bit snazzier

The update is world effects which add snazzy animations and colours to the map. With this feature, u can send a blast of confetti on friend’s birthday. Snap also plans to release themed maps for specific holidays and cultural events.

For example, Maps on Valentines will get red and pink with wonderful hearts. In this way, all the events will get their respective decor.

Snap Map Update aims to create Bitmoji World for its Users
Snap Map Update aims to create Bitmoji World for its Users

The other big update is weather effects which will add animated effects on weathers on the respective areas where Snapchat’s users reside. For example, a user stuck in a rainy or snowy day will open the map, zoom in and see a bitmoji stuck in the same circumstance.

Snap product designer Jack Brody  said:

”That’s something we aim to pull in to everything that we do,” he said. “We’re always thinking how do we keep this playful, how do we keep this personal and allow it to feel like it’s alive.”

Snapchat has not given any timeline for the launch of this feature but it says that it will come soon.

No doubt, this feature will be loved by users as it gives users real-time experience. Am anxiously waiting for this feature. What about you people?

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