Snapchat Faster Android App is on its Way

All the Snapchat users are aware of the fact that the app runs much better on iOS than Android. Well, the specific reason for the issue is unknown. After so many complaints Snapchat finally decided to change the situation for the better as Android’s market share and developer communities are much larger than iOS. Now, the company has announced a redesign of Snapchat’s Android application.

Snapchat Faster Android App is on its Way

It has been reported that Snapchat’s redesigned Android app will be rolled out to all users by the end of 2019. A months ago, SnapChat confirmed that they are now committed to give better services for the Android users. In September 2018, more Android users have joined Snapchat than iOS users, that gives the indication that the company is getting ready for shifting their focus from Apple’s mobile OS to the Android platform. After providing quality improvements for its current Android application, the company has officially announced that it will build a new version of the Android app.

CEO Evan Spiegel on Monday said :

“Android is absolutely critical to our strategy. There’s something like 2 billion Android users that don’t use Snapchat. A couple of percent of those I think would be well received by all of us.”

The new  Snapchat’s redesigned Android app will be focused on improving performance.

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