How Snapchat New Feature Will Insert Your Face into GIF

Snapchat is testing a new feature that will edit the faces of people into GIFs to create essentially harmless versions of the online propagated deepfake videos.

What’s new Snapchat Cameo GIF?

The functionality, called Snapchat Cameos, is accessed via the Snapchat keyboard’s Bitmoji icon. It help users to take selfies and then insert themselves into a pre-made GIF range. The software will then animate the person’s face, including mouth movements, into the video, adjusting the selfie to match the selected GIF into different facial reactions. Users may then send the customoized GIF to their friends thourgh the app’s chat component.

Snapchat confirmed that in some international markets, including France, the app has been tested on a limited basis. The company has not provided SC Cameos with a specific release date, but has said that the global launch is “soon.” SC Cameos represents a friendly application of deep-fake software that has criticized its possible misuse.

Snapchat Cameos will help the app further distinguish itself from rivals, particularly after Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp have copied its Stories feature. The messaging aspect of SC remains its most popular feature, and SC Cameos will provide more incentives for users to stay in the app. The app also provides SC with potential earnings incentives, as branded cameo clips may be sold to users.

Other new features recently launched for SC include the 3D Paint app allowing users to create 3D doodles by drawing in Augmented Reality.

Nayab Khan

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