Snapchat First Lens that Reacts to Sound

Snapchat has introduces a new type of lens for the users. Now when they open the app they will experience the new lens feature. In April, the company has introduced popular Lenses feature, called Snappables, which were interactive augmented reality games. Now the company has added more diversity to the filters by launching this new lens. Snapchat First Lens that Reacts to Sound.

Lenses are core feature of the Snapchat. This new lens is an animal mask with ears which pulse and shine, also the eyes that move, when microphone of your phone pick up any voice. It reacts more at greater volumes. It also adds a little heart to your nose and whiskers that hover above your cheeks.

Now Enjoy Snapchat First Lens that Reacts to Sound

The results of this new lens are impressive as it ignore background noise and the ears respond to your voice. The results are neat and clean.

This latest Lens was launched on Tuesday to this app and Snapchat plans to add more sound-reacting Lenses in the coming weeks.

According to TechCrunch, Snapchat is also planning to launch a developer platform which will grant third-party app developers access to Snapchat’s login system and its augmented reality camera features, in addition to Bitmoji avatars. First full-fledged developer platform of the app is currently called Snapkit.

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