Snapchat Introduces Snappables-AR Lenses that are Actually Games

Snapchat is kept on introducing new filters or lenses for its users to make their photos more attractive and funny. This time Snapchat comes with a new concept. Snapchat Introduces Snappables that are actually games. Now enjoy these augmented reality lenses.

Snapchat Introduces Snappables-AR Lenses that are Actually Games

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Check out the video to see how these lenses work.


From the video you can clearly see that people playing Snappable games like a Galaga-clone where you control your ship using your head movements. There’s also a weight-lifting contest where you control the weights with your eyebrows instead of your arms. Also there is a chewing gum game where you virtually blow bubbles until it pops all over your face.

As now Snapchat Introduces Snappables, surely it will make the using Snapchat more interesting and funny.

Moreover, according to some reports, Snapchat is Redesigning its Redesign to Highlight Friends’ Stories. Now the company has also begun testing user-generated Stories appearing on the Discover page, which is where they used to be.

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