SnapChat is Releasing Special AR Lenses for iPhone X Users

One year back, Apple released a teaser showcasing special AR Lenses for iPhone X, at iPhone’s launch ceremony. Exclusively iPhone X users will be able to see the three lenses which will be available today due to the TrueDepth Front Facing camera of devices.

AR Lenses for iPhone X Users is the Best Thing Ever

AR lenses for iPhone X users include Mardi Gras-esque mask, a Day of the Dead skull, and a pretty gold-plated eye cover. These lenses will be more tightly sticking to your face around jawline. It give extra special effects to Snapchat provided photos and Videos.

The AR lenses for iPhone X users also reflect the surrounding light more. TrueDepth camera also has the ability to blue the background in the lenses and accurately apply small details and 3D Objects.

According to developer’s agreement,  third-party app makers can only access to visual facial mapping data, not the mathematical representation of it that is used to unlock the iPhone X through Face ID. Apple also revealed that even its own employees cannot access it. However Developers do have access to map of user’s face truedepth camera and data of upto 50 facial expressions to tell a developer how you raise your eyebrows or move your mouth.

However Apple also ensured that this data can never be used for advertising or marketing, and that it cannot be bundled and sold to analytics companies or data brokers. Apple also says it bans developers from creating profiles of otherwise anonymous users by using identifying facial capture information. I would guess this means that Snap can’t store information about the expressions you make with these lenses or use them to target you with ads, although I can imagine companies will want to take advantage of the technology to brand these lenses eventually.

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