Snapchat New Lenses Have Ability to Respond to Your Voice

Snapchat keeps on experimenting with its augmented reality lenses. In April, the company had introduced the popular Lenses feature, called Snappables, which were interactive augmented reality games. Now the company has added more diversity to the filters by launching Snapchat new Lenses that will respond to the user’s voice.

Snapchat New Lenses are best at Speech Recognition

When users will say words like “hi”, “love”, or “wow” which will make lenses to animate. Some lenses also let people say “Okay” and when you say it,  a little cat paw pops up making the okay symbol.

This feature is working fine but you have to be louder so that the app can hear you. However, if you maintain pin drop silence,  it will easily register your command. No Doubt, this is a very interesting interaction idea. Many AR lenses on Snapchat require users to make some faces or click on the screen to intimate lenses.

This isn’t the first time Snapchat has rolled out an audio lens. Back in May, the social network introduced an animal mask that responded to the sounds it hears. Now, as promised, the company is taking sound-based Lenses to the next level.

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