Snapchat's Snap Camera App Can Bring AR Filters To Desktop

Snapchat continuously offers amusing filters to keep the users engaged and provides them with more reasons for entertainment. For the users, it has also added all sorts of AR Lenses. A few days back, Snapchat introduced Cat Lenses for both Android and iOS users so that you can take funky pictures of their pets as well. Recently, we came to know that Snapchat has introduced Snap Camera App. Snapchat’s Snap Camera App can bring the camera to desktop in order to add AR filters to the streaming videos.

Snapchat’s Snap Camera App Will Integrate With Twitch, Youtube, Skype & Zoom

Snapchat has submitted almost 250,000 lenses using Lens Studio which have been viewed 15 billion times. Eitan Pilipski, Snap’s head of camera platform stated that:

“We’re trying to find new distribution channels for those creators to surface their work. We think this a very unique opportunity, bringing Snapchat AR experiences to the desktop.”

In order to enjoy these AR filters on your desktops, all you have to do is install the Snap Camera App. After doing so, select it as your camera output in a third-party desktop application.

Snapchat's Snap Camera App Can Bring AR Filters To Desktop Snapchat's Snap Camera App Can Bring AR Filters To Desktop
The best part is that Snapchat account is not required to use the app. Moreover, you can not actually log in to Snapchat from the desktop app at all. Snap Camera App will let you choose from thousands of Snap lenses. Even though you can search for lenses using keywords. Furthermore, you can save them to your favorites or browse the lenses you’ve used most recently in a dedicated tab.
Snap Camera App is available for all Mac and Windows users. Furthermore, it will integrate with apps including Twitch, YouTube, Skype, and Zoom. Now, you don’t need your phone or even a Snapchat account to have fun with Snap’s Lenses. Just install the App and enjoy.

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