Snap’s Leaked Metrics Show Why it Needs to Redesign

No doubt, Snapchat is popular app, but Snap is also known for its secretive internal operations. A new report from The Daily Beast takes a look at secrecy at Snapchat and shares company’s decision-making regarding Snapchat. Snap’s Leaked Metrics Show Why it Needs to Redesign.

A prominent new feature in the app known as Snap Maps, that lets you share your location with friends and view their Bitmoji on a map. At its launch it had more than 30 million daily users in June. Users uses the app to see what’s happening around them and meet up with friends during their free time.

Snap’s Leaked Metrics Show Why it Needs to Redesign

According to The Daily Beast usage of the maps declined to 19 million users in September, so that could be one reason Snap plans to make maps more prominent in its redesign.

CEO Evan Spiegel told investors:

The new design is meant to make the app easier to use which should attract new users, although the company expects short term disruption as existing users react to the new app.

By most users, the section of the app reserved for publisher content is ignored, which is known as Discovered. The data, which covered the period from April to September, indicates that only 21 percent of users view Discover daily.

However, according to the leaked metrics, users sent personal snaps to their friends with an average of 34 chat messages sent each day. Snapchat redesign might help user growth for Stories.

Redesigning may help the Snapchat to increase it’s users and also profitability. But it is not officially announced that when the new redesign will rollout to all users

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