Sniper Hero Build-Dota 2

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Sniper is one of my favourite Dota 2 heroes. It is the easiest Dota 2 hero and well-fitting for beginners. Sniper is a very versatile, carry hero. If there is a good sniper in the game you sure need to keep your eyes open. I will be sharing my personal sniper build, sniper tree, sniper ability upgrades and a few tips and tricks to take your best shot!

Sniper Hero Build

This is my build for sniper Dota 2 ‘Turbo’ mode and it works for every lane but if you are a sniper then why not go mid!?

Well, sniper needs to be very choosy about its items because it is a situational hero. If you make the right items for the right opponents you are sure going to give them a tough time. To simplify, if your enemies are mostly tank heroes go for more damage i.e: desolator, deadlus, monkey king bar etc. And if your enemy heroes cause magical damage then go for more safety items i.e: Black king bar, linken, butterfly etc.

Sniper Hero Build-Dota 2

Sniper Talent Tree

This is the tree I always use no matter the situation. Yes, but sometimes when I come across tank heroes such as Lifestealer which are fast and may get close to me. I like to opt for ‘-20% Sharpnel Slow’ rather than ‘+40 Attack Speed’ rest stays constant.

Sniper Hero Build-Dota 2


Sniper Ability Upgrade

Each level up comes with an option to upgrade one of your hero’s ability. So here is the best-suited upgrade pattern to follow for Sniper.

Level 1 > 1

Level 2> 3

Level 3> 2

Level 4 & 5> 3

Level 6> 4

Level 7> 2

Level 8 to 11> Toggle between 1, 2 and 3, opt for the tree whenever available 10 onwards.

Level 12 to 25> Keep ‘4’ as your priority, then the tree and then the remaining abilities as per the situation.

Tips And Tricks For Sniper

  • Know that sniper is not a strength hero. You need to hide and attack, do not fight one on one.
  • Farm! farm in lane and offlane, know that you are needed around the map so roam around and help your teammates whenever possible it will help you get feed faster.
  • Stay at a safe distance from your enemy and keep on taunting them. What else is that long-range for?
  • In a team fight, never jump in, stay at a distance or hide in trees and attack.
  • Never use your ulti on a fighting target, always use if the target seems to run away.

This was all for Sniper. Hope it helps you to play like a pro. Do share your experience using this build. Will be coming up with other Hero Builds.

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