8 Social Media Etiquettes, You Must Know

Digital Media Rules, one should be aware of.

Etiquettes are a set of regulations for some particular activities. For example, there are rules to drive a car, to conduct a meeting, to deliver a lecture to the class, to initiate any conversation. But, in these rules, the regulations for media are somehow not taught. here are some social media etiquettes, you should know. Let’s proceed.

Random Video Call

Nowadays, people do a random video call to their friends, family or co-workers. Before making a video call, it is necessary to leave a text first. So, that the other person is prepared, or if he is busy, he will inform you. Neither of them will be embarrassed.


Digital Media Rules


Multiple Pictures at one time

Have you ever noticed people sharing several pictures of a single event? If yes, then you know how annoying it is. It has been observed that Instagram users unfollow those who do this sort of activity. Facebook also has feature “Unfollow”, so that people won’t get irritated. Here it is

Digital Media Rules
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Digital Media Rules
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Respond immediately

If you get a message, whether it is important or not. You are supposed to reply immediately after you have seen it. Another person is waiting for it. Do not let him do another message. The same situation can happen to you as well.

Use same application

If someone is doing conversation on one media site, you are supposed to answer using that social platform. For instance, if someone texts you on WhatsApp, do not use messenger to respond back.

Chat Killers

If you get a reply like “K”, “LOL” or “TC”, it sounds like another person does not want to have a long chat with you. Even if you are in a hurry, do not respond back with a single word. They are chat killers and most disliked by a major portion of people who talk via text messages.

Likes and Shares

If you have posted something you like. Do not ask for likes, comments, and shares to your fellows. It sounds displeasing and vexatious.

Digital Media Rules

Bad news

Do not ever tell bad news via a single text message. It seems like you just convey the message without empathy. Dial the number, make a call, have a nice start and after delivering the bad news, show them hope and create a feeling of positivity in them. Don’t leave them as the bearer of some distressing news.

Never like your own posts

Self-praise is abhorred in every form. Do not like your own pictures and posts. It looks so creepy and awful.

So, these are some digital media rules to follow whenever you talk to the client, relative or your friend. Start following them from today!!

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