Social Media Influencer Marketing Hacks for 2019

What is a social media influencer? 

Quite simple, someone who affect others with their speech, actions and lifestyle is an influencer.  

A social media influencer is someone who exercises power through social media. The form of influence may vary, and it is not the same for two influencers. The right influencer will reach your target audience, build confidence, and drive engagement. They create content that is original and engaging. We will not be interested in following a model commercial 

Operating with social media influencers, whose dream aligns with your own, is therefore crucial. It can have millions of followers for influencers. Kendall Jenner may be the best-known influencer in the world. She has 108 million followers on Instagram and on her branded posts she frequently gets millions of views. 

Instagram alone has more than 500,000 active influencers. It ensures you have many potential opportunities to work with influencers. It also means you need to get the right power in the job. 

Here are the key ways to find and connect with the right influencer for your campaign. 

Mind in Three Rs of Perfect Influencer Marketing


The quality of a key influencer is important to your business and industry. You need an audience that suits your target market.  

For example, Intrepid Travel worked to launch its new vegan tours with a group of vegan influencers. The influencers’ had a very relevant audience to which the company gained access in an engaging and authentic manner. 


Reach is the number of people that you might reach through the follower base of the influencer. 


This is the potential level of engagement that can be created by the influencer with a brand relevant audience. 

It’s not always safer for Bigger. If those followers are not interested in your bid, a large number of followers is meaningless. And if it’s a niche area, a smaller number of followers can be very strong. Niche influencers may have followers that are very committed and engaged. 

Know who you’re trying to influence 

Not all things can be your influencer project for all people. An effective strategy includes that you use the right tools to speak to the right people. (And the right influencers in this case). 

The first step is to determine who will be your target for this particular campaign. 

Developing people’s expectations is a great way to ensure that you consider who you are trying to reach. Build a matching set of influencer personas once you’ve done that. This will help you to understand the influencers ‘ characteristics that you are looking for. 

social media influencer

Influencer marketing tips 

Sponsored posts must be identified by social media influencers. Truth In Advertising, however, finds that many are not doing this. Others reveal, but not in a way that fulfills the requirements. 

Here are some key points: 

  • Video reviews will include both the partnership’s written and verbal disclosure. It must be (not just the description) within the video itself.  
  • It’s not enough to provide integrated content on social media platforms.  
  • #ad and #sponsored are perfect transparency hashtags. Yet make sure that they are highly visible and do not just address the need for a long string of tags. 

Measure your results 

It can be tempting to concentrate on vanity metrics such as likes and comments as you start your influencer campaign. If your influencer has a much larger following than you do, the sheer number of likes that can rack up might make you feel a little blinded.  

But you need to consider its value in terms of return on investment to measure the effectiveness of a project. 


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