Social Media Platforms Surpass Conventional Media: Report

With technological advancements the world is changing from many aspects. We can say that the modes of reaching a news alert have also been changed as with the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc. people rarely go and switch on their TV for any news. Everything is online now. If anythings happened even at the far away continent, we can get the news by simply refreshing our Facebook and Twitter and the update will be right in front of us. This has been revealed in a latest survey conducted by Pew Research Center.

Social Media Platforms Surpass Conventional Media: Report

According to this survey, around 4,600 people uses  social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and even Snapchat as news sources.

The survey conducted in U.S. concluded that:

“Social media is the big thing that is used for multi-purposes from being news platform to marketing. And these platforms will become more dominant in our lives in the coming years.”

Source: Pew Research Center

Now Social media will provide you platform for anything you want to do. On one hand, social media benefits us while on the other hand, it is also ending the trend of books and thorough reading as now people easily finds everything on their social accounts.

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