Some Third-party app icons don’t appear on Apple Watch Series 7

Apple has just recently started shipping its first unit of Watch Series 7. But it seems like that there is an issue with the watch right out of the box. According to some users, third-party apps don’t appear with their icons on Watch series 7 and instead, they are invisible on the home screen. If the problem resists, it will surely affect the shipping of the watch.

Some Third-party app icons don’t appear on Apple Watch Series 7

It was first spotted by a developer working on products related to Apple’s ecosystem. He clarifies that the simulator in Xcode displays the icons just fine but they don’t appear on the actual watch. Some believe that this is due to the new screen dimensions and resolution because the icons are perfectly fine on older watches, even when running watchOS 8.

Reason for this Issue:

Some reports claim that the issue is due to the new screen dimensions and resolutions. Some icons do not fit in the screen. On the other hand, some reports are claiming that there is a bug on the App Store server side. When apps are ‘thinned’, a process that strips out unused assets to reduce size on disk. For instance, when you download a Watch app on a Series 4 or later, the image resources for Series 3 and earlier watches are not included in the download.

When this Issue will Resolve?

Apple has not said anything regarding this. But a temporary workaround is to switch the home screen’s view to “List”. Keep in mind that the icons would still be missing but at least you’d know which app is which as the list view displays the names as well.

But we are hoping that Apple will soon resolve this issue and users will be able to use the watch without any error.

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