Sony to Downsize Xperia Smartphone Business for Getting Higher Profits

Sony had already cut down many smartphones businesses due to its ever falling graph of Profits with passing year. However, still, the company is manufacturing some top devices like Xperia X2 Premium, so it is quite shocking to know that Sony is again thinking to downsize Xperia Smartphones business.

 According to Sony, downsizing its smartphone business will help to improve revenues collection from mobile devices and smartphones sales and will also protect profits. Compay announced it while disclosing its Q1, 2018 earning.

Sales are expected to decrease year-on-year due to a significant downsizing of smartphone unit sales in an effort to improve profitability. Operating loss is expected to decrease due to the absence of the impairment charge against long-lived assets recorded in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018, as well as a reduction in operating costs, partially offset by the above-mentioned decrease in unit sales.”

Sony Q1, 2018 document revealed that Xperia has witnessed a loss of $288 million. Total revenues also drained when compared to the last twelve months.

Going forward, Sony is aiming to ship just 10 million Xperia units in the fiscal 2018 year, which ends March 31, 2019. This will mark a significant reduction over both 2017 and 2016, which saw the brand ship 13.5 million and 14.6 million devices respectively.

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