Soon Android Users Will Enjoy WhatsApp Voice Message Feature

WhatsApp is now testing a new feature for Android. It is a WhatsApp Voice Message Feature which is known as ‘Consecutive voice messages‘. It will let you automatically play voice messages if they are sent in a sequence.

Android Users to Enjoy WhatsApp Voice Message Feature

According to Wabetainfo, Consecutive voice messages‘feature is not available for the users at the moment. However, It will come as a part of the next beta update of the WhatsApp. The consecutive WhatsApp voice message feature is available in the iOS v2.18.100 build, as I have experienced it personally. This new feature allows me to continuously play consecutive voice messages.

Once you get this new feature in your Android, the messaging app will notify you with a sound. After one voice note, the second voice message will play immediately. You will not have to take any action to play the second voice message. Moreover, an interesting thing is that if there are no other voice messages to play then the messaging app will play a short audio at the end of the voice message.

WhatsApp is working to release this new feature as soon as possible. Recently, Whatsapp has also released new features for users that include stickers and the preview feature. It has been reported that WhatsApp is also working on some new features.

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