Soon Users will be Able to Spot water pollution via Smartphone Camera

Polluted water is currently the reason behind a number of diseases in most countries of the globe. With the latest research from Singapore University, the rate of pollution in the water can be calculated with the help of a smartphone camera.

According to research, about 30% of hospital beds in third-world countries are filled with patients infected with polluted water. The University of Singapore, in collaboration with a company called Design, has developed a way of testing untreated water in lakes and ponds by examining the movement of water microbes through a smartphone camera. 

Soon Users will be Able to Spot water pollution via Smartphone Camera

This system works in a few minutes in which the rapid or slow movement of unicellular organism paramedic in water is checked. This one-celled organism is common in freshwaters around the globe. During the research, experts first examined the speed of paramecium (unicellular) in freshwater.

After checking various polluted waters. It was found that the movement of paramecium changed in the presence of different contaminants. On the basis of this research, a scale was set and the smartphone camera was modified to allow it to detect the speed of the paramecium.

As heavy metals and antibiotics were injected into the water, the speed of paramecium changed. Experimentally, a microscopic lens was placed on the smartphone camera, which showed the paramecium. Then its movement was measured with the help of an algorithm.

Consequently, it turned out that the slower the paramecium moves, the more polluted the water becomes. That is, its speed was halved in water with heavy metals. According to research scientist Javier Fernandez, this is a straightforward and simple method that says a lot about whether water is drinkable or not. Paramedics are found in waters around the world and their speed can be used as a measure of water pollution.

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