Southeast Asia Faces Slows Internet due to Broken Undersea Cables

Different undersea cables acting as a gateway, connecting Asia and other countries are damaged due to a storm hitting SEA region. Due to this issues maximum internet service providers are suffering from slow internet or no connectivity at all. Southeast Asia Faces Slows Internet due to Broken Undersea Cables.

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According to different news sources, Asia-American Gateway (AAG), Intra-Asia (IA), ASE (Asia Submarine-cable Express) and SEA-ME-WE3 (SMW3) cables have suffered damages during the past weeks.

Southeast Asia Faces Slows Internet due to Broken Undersea Cables

It is reported that AAG is broken at two spots around 66 Kilometers and 85 Kilometers. Due to damaged cables, all local internet service providers are experiencing slow internet. People have to face several problems due to Slow internet caused by cable rupture.

Experts revealed that these damages will be repaired until mid of October. Different Service providers apologized for the slow internet and informed their users the real cause.

Few days back, PTCL Internet was Down as Submarine Cable Gets Faulty. A fault occurred in one of the international Submarine cable systems providing internet bandwidth to Pakistan.

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