Southeast Asia Leads Global App Downloads in Q3 2017: App Annie

Southeast Asia Leads Global App Downloads in Q3 2017: App Annie. According to a news report by App Annie, App downloads and revenue hit record levels in the third quarter of 2017. Downloads from two main App stores: Google play and App store, reached 26 billion worldwide. The figure clearly shows true growth of app economy. In Pakistan, with the introduction of 3G and 4G, mobile penetration and downloads have also increased.

Southeast Asia Leads Global App Downloads in Q3 2017: App Annie

According to App Annie, revenue reached a record of nearly $17 billion. Unexpectedly, basic download is coming from emerging markets where smartphone penetration is very low. It means within no time downloads will increase more.

App Annie revealed that download growth no Google play was due to emerging markets. South Asian countries remained the biggest contributor in report . According to report downloads are doubled from Q3 2016 to Q4 2017.

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iOS download growth was 8 percent from last quarter. This is high quarter growth since Q1 2016.


With the ever increasing downloads, consumer spend is laso growing. In Q3, revenue from iOS apps and those on Google Play combined reached nearly $17 billion, which is 28 percent up compared to previous year.

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Video streaming and entertainment apps topped the downloading list in Q3 with worldwide consumer spend in the category up by 30% on iOS and 45% on Google Play.

App Annie expects that this figure of worldwide downloads  will reach 240 billion and forecasts consumer spend to be $100 by 2021.

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