SpaceX Launches Starlink App to Provide Satellite Broadband Internet

Recently, Elon Musk’s owned SpaceX has launched an app for its Starlink satellite broadband internet service, for both Apple and Android devices. The Starlink app renders guidelines on how to install the Starlink receiver dish along with the connection status (including signal quality), and a device overview for viewing what’s connected to your network along with a speed test tool as well.

SpaceX Launches Starlink App to Provide Satellite Broadband Internet

It’s has a lot of the same features like other mobile applications for managing home Wireless connections and routers. Meanwhile, it sends the emails to potential testers that CNBC obtained detail of what users can expect in terms of pricing, internet speeds and latency.

The first Starlink public beta test is known as the “Better Than Nothing Beta Program,” SpaceX affirms in their app description, and will be launched across the United States and Canada before the end of 2020, which matches up with earlier declared timelines.

As the name suggests, SpaceX is contemplating to set expectations for early customers, with speeds users can expect ranging from 50Mb/s to 150Mb/s, and latency of 20ms to 40ms as per the customer emails, with few periods having no internet connectivity at all.

Even with low expectations, if those values prove valid, it would be a massive improvement for users in some remote areas where internet service is currently very costly, unreliable and operating at very slow internet speeds. Conclusively, it would be a landmark achievement and ticket to the new era of connectivity.

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