SpaceX Makes a Successful Comeback

SpaceX has successfully recovered its first stage Falcon 9 rocket during a takeoff on Saturday. This marks the 7th rocket recovered completely, and the first landing for the drone ship “Just Read The Instructions”.

SpaceX Makes a Successful Comeback. This is the first successful landing the company has completed since August. It successfully landed its Falcon 9 on the company’s drone ship in the Pacific Ocean.

The company has been on a break from spaceflight, after one of its rocket detonated on a launch pad back in September. It exploded during a routine fueling procedure. The incident temporarily stopped all Falcon 9 launches.

Earlier the company had revealed that they have completed the investigations about the blast. And that SpaceX is all set to get back to flying.

SpaceX Makes a Successful Comeback by Launching its First-stage Falcon 9 Rocket

The first time SpaceX successfully recovered a Falcon 9 first stage at sea using a drone ship was on April 8, 2016, and the last time was in August.

The video of the launch was captured. Here is some of the clippings of the process:


Source: TechCrunch

It’s The First Landing SpaceX Has Done Since August

SpaceX has recovered a total of five first stages using self-directed barges. That correct themselves for sea situations and synchronize with the rocket for fruitful retrievals.

Recuperating these phases is important to SpaceX’s mission of cutting down the cost of space flight, which assists its greater aim of making humanity an interstellar species.

At present, SpaceX charges approximately $60 million on average for a launch, which is considerably under its contenders in the commercial spaceflight industry. But it doesn’t enjoy a great margin on each launch consequently.

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Using Falcon 9 first stage constituents again for various tasks would significantly surge its capability to generate money on each single launch. With this you won’t have to make a new rocket every time you want to send something into space.

For the time being SpaceX isn’t using the first stage Falcon 9 rocket sections it recovers. But it is reviewing them to help make better use of the efficacy of the recovery process.

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