Spotify is now available with its iOS 14 widget

In the last weeks since iOS 14 is released, more and more apps with new added features are unveiled. As per the latest news report, Spotify is joining in. Today, leading music service announced the launch of its widget for iOS 14 and iPad OS14. Spotify is now available with its iOS 14 widget.

Spotify with the latest app update has released its highly expected iOS 14 widget. The new widget is available in both small and medium sizes.

Spotify is now available with its iOS 14 widget

The small widget will display your most recent listened list of items and the medium size will show the five most recently used items. Four items will appear in a horizontal row and the most recent will be on the top.

This new widget will help you quickly access your recently played albums, artists and podcast with just a single tap. You can just simply tap the small thumbnail from the most recent list you played and you will be taken directly to that page in the Spotify app.

Just like Apple’s own widget for Apple Music, Spotify is a fast and great means of getting back quickly to something you were recently listening. You can pick between small and medium sizes, but large sized iOS 14 widget is not offered by Spotify.

Furthermore, another interesting feature of Spotify is that the color of the background changes automatically to the matching thumbnail image. For example, if the artist in the song is wearing red, the widget will automatically changes to red.

There seem limited ranges of colors that are available. For example, if we stream something with grey and white or some light shades in the thumbnail image, the widget will show green shade by default.

The widget’s colorful feature can help it stand out on the home screen. But for some people, it can be problematic who have adjusted and customized their home screen according to their color choice, such as blue, black or pink.

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