Spotify Tests Apple Watch streaming without any iPhone

According to the reports, Spotify was testing direct music streaming through its Apple Watch back in September. You can say that owners of Apple’s attached timepiece would not have to carry their phones with them to stream Spotify music through their Apple Watch. Spotify Tests Apple Watch streaming without any iPhone.

Germanys’ Macerkopf said today that a server-side update is flicking on this latest feature for the Apple Watch starting today. Moreover, the Spotify Apple Watch application is getting a new update. The latest functionality will allow users to stream podcasts and music through it alone without any iPhone.

Many users of Apple Watch stated that they had received a message on their Apple Watch asking them if they would like to stream Spotify on their Watches. Now, all that Spotify’s Apple Watch can do for you on your smartwatch is to act as a remote control technology for the music streamer’s iPhone application.

Spotify Tests Apple Watch streaming without any iPhone

People who tested this new functionality in September say that they could stream Spotify over Apple Watch using Wi-Fi or mobile data even if they had left their iPhone at their house.

Although Spotify does not have search functionality, users will still navigate their favorite playlists using Siri. Besides this, Siri will allow users to play specific songs and albums of their choice, and they can also access the work of some artists. A user can again listen to recently played songs and will be able to rummage using their music library to search for some music to listen to.

Furthermore, if you are unable to use the new feature, then no need to stress; it is in a beta state at the moment, so it may take a little while until a mainstream launch is completed. Spotify said to Engadget, “We’re focused on developing experiences that enable users to listen to Spotify wherever and whenever they want — regardless of the device or platform.”

“After an initial testing period, we are now rolling out streaming capabilities for Spotify on the Apple Watch,” Spotify added.

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