‘Squid Game’ on Netflix inspires people to learn Korean

Tutoring services claimed that interest in learning Korean has increased after the release of the blockbuster Netflix show Squid Game, highlighting a rising global interest with South Korean culture ranging from entertainment to cosmetic goods.

Duolingo, a language learning app, showed a nearly 40% rise in new U.S. learners studying Korean compared to previous year, “when the trend remained pretty flat,” the firm said. Furthermore, interest from British consumers increased by 76%, according to Reuters. Although it is not definite, Duolingo believes the figures (as well as the tweets) point to a surge in “Squid Game-inspired studying.” After Hindi, Korean is the company’s second-fastest growing language.

Catarina Costa, a 24-year-old Portuguese woman residing in Toronto, Canada, has been learning the language with the help of the e-learning website TalkToMeInKorean.

“When I first started learning Korean two years ago, no one understood why. However, Korean is becoming more popular in the Western world, and people are interested when I tell them I am studying Korean.”

Sun Hyun-woo, founder of the e-learning site Talk To Me In Korean, stated that previous to the K-pop or Squid Game boom, “thousands” of people wanted to learn Korean. “They are now part of a ‘global phenomenon;’ learning Korean has become a far cooler activity.”

With a performance that is both violent and profoundly frightening, Squid Game revolutionised what is possible and blew past publicity records.
The viral rising South Korean version of “Hunger Games” and “Saw” offers numerous significant marketing lessons that any business may utilise to raise exposure and, ideally, revenue, demonstrating that there is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy.

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Just last week, the Oxford English Dictionary introduced 26 new terms of Korean provenance to its current edition, including “hallyu,” or Korean wave, a phrase frequently used to characterize South Korean music, cinema, television, fashion, and food’s global popularity.



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