Stadia for Android & iOS Receive Notifications for Friend Requests

There is no fun while playing games without friends. Friends double the game fun. To help your pals let you know that it’s time to game, the Stadia app for Android and iOS now brings notifications for game invites, friend requests, and more.

Stadia released an update to the Stadia iOS and Android App (ver 2.39), both now have the ability to send push notifications for various things. There’s also an area where you can turn on/off these notifications depending on your preference.

Stadia for Android & iOS Receive Notifications for Friend Requests

Yesterday we informed you about a new referral and reward system that the company has announced and now, the Stadia app’s settings now have a “Notifications” section.

“By default, players are subscribed to notifications for incoming friend requests and invitations to play a game. There’s also an option to receive notifications when new games are available for Stadia Pro members to claim, which is off by default,” according to 9to5google.

Interestingly, notifications of Stadia are short, simple, and allow you to jump right into the app to respond to the invite or friend request.

If you are not able to see the new notification options on your device then make sure that you are on the latest update of Stadia for Android, version 2.39. On other hand, if you close the app that may also help trigger the new changes.

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