Staged Video Circulates on Social Media in an Effort to Defame Geo News

A staged video is being circulating in the media about the Geo News playing the negative role in the PTI Public gathering in Karachi. The circulated video is a staged video. According to Geo it is not real, it is a fake video.

The video shows the crowd of the PTI public gathering in Karachi. In the background someone can be heard instructing the reporters to look for the empty spots in the crowd and to focus those empty spots more, so that it looks like that the jalsa is attended by few people. In the same video another voice could be heard suggesting to push a journalist onto the stage and blame it on the PTI workers.

Here before jumping to any conclusion one should understand covering an event is the job of the reporter not a producer. Producers do not go to the events to cover them. In the video it is quite evident that the reporter is not responding to the conversation and nor is he is replying.

For the past few days, a campaign has been launched  in a effort to defame the national institution on the social media. In response to these campaigns the law enforcement agencies have started the crackdown against the individuals involved.

Geo News in now taking legal action against the culprits who are involved in the video. The news channel has filed with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to investigate who is behind the fake video.

We might be seeing more of the similar stuff from the opposing parties in an effort to defame the other party. It is a very immoral act.

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