Starfield Shattered Space Blasts Off with New Trailer

Gear Up for Danger!

Remember the thrilling journey through space in Starfield? The first expansion, Shattered Space, is pushing things in a completely new way! Forget “making friends with the universe”; this time, we’re heading into some truly weird area.

The trailer for Shattered Space debuted tonight at the Xbox Games Showcase, and it appears that Bethesda is dipping their toes into cosmic horror. The traditional landscapes have vanished, replaced by twisted surroundings reminiscent of a nightmare.

Consider the total opposite of the original Starfield. Instead than exploring a huge, friendly universe, we’re going to a specific planet, which is home to a mysterious group known as House Va’ruun. These are spacefaring cultists that worship a massive space snake as their god (yikes!). Remember Andreja, your amazing friend from the basic game? Well, she’s from this strange world!

This is the thrilling part: Shattered Space appears to be completely distinct from the main game. It has a much darker, almost horror-themed feel, and even the outer space parts appear far more deadly. Basically, it’s ideal for individuals looking for a little extra excitement in their Starfield experience. Who wouldn’t want to explore a frightening alien world?

This emphasis on House Va’ruun makes complete sense. We know from the original game’s backstory that they’re an intriguing group, but we haven’t seen much of them aside from Andreja who, by the way, is married in this expansion.

Shattered Space promises to delve deeper into their pasts and discover what makes them tick. So, when can you get your hands on this chilling intergalactic adventure? Starfield: Shattered Space is expected to be released this fall for Xbox Series X/S and Windows PC.

The good news is that if you already own the Xbox Game Pass or the Starfield Premium Edition, you’re set. Prepare for an exciting voyage, space adventurers. Starfield: Shattered Space is about to take us on a journey unlike any we’ve seen before in the game.

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