#StopSuspendingPakistanis Goes Viral on Twitter Over Kashmir Issue

Over the last week, around 200 twitter accounts of Pakistanis were suspended who wrote in favour of Kashmir. Many Pakistani have expressed their consents on the matter as freedom of speech is the main thing these platforms keep on boosting for. Even several journalists, Government officials and activist also highlighted the issue of suspension of Pakistanis from social media platforms who expressed their views in support of Kashmir. The hashtag, #StopSuspendingPakistanis, is also trending on Twitter in Pakistan these days.

#StopSuspendingPakistanis: Pakistan takes up suspension of accounts ‘posting in support of Kashmir

Director-General of ISPR, Maj Gen Asmi Ghafoor revealed that authorities are already discussing the matter with Twitter and Facebook.  While telling about the issue, he tweeted that:

“Pakistan authorities have taken up the case with Twitter and Facebook against suspending Pakistani accounts for posting in support of Kashmir. Indian staff at their regional headquarters is the reason,”

Moreover, PTA has also promised to issue a statement regarding the number of accounts suspended. On the other hand, Twitter fortified that it took action on judicial policies, and it’s for all users irrespective of their religion and political beliefs. A spokesperson from Twitter said that”

“We believe people on all sides of an issue have a fundamental right to discuss them within the boundaries of our policies, which prohibit terrorism, hateful conduct, platform manipulation, and abuse. At Twitter no one is above our rules.”

The time will tell the actual scenario. Let’s wait and watch.

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