Street Fighter 6 Gets Tops Reviews & Spurs Excitement among Gamers

Street Fighter is one of those games which really gives you nostalgia for your childhood. It has been around since the inception of video gaming itself. Since 1987, the game continues to evolve and now the most anticipated sequel of the game, Street Fighter 6 has been released. It has also become the most popular version of Street Fighter to date. The addition of new characters has also enchanted the game fans. The reviews and feedback by popular tech enthusiasts and platforms regarding Street Fighter 6 are also enthralling. So, let’s take a look at some of the reviews and ratings that Street Fighter 6 got on famous gaming platforms.


Street fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 becomes the first game to achieve a 90+ score at Metascore.


SF 6 review

SF 6 manages to attain a 9/10 on IGN, which is pretty impressive.


A superb 9 rating was awarded to Street Fighter 6 at GameSpot.

Gaming Nexus:

Street fighter 6

Wow, a 10/10 rating for SF6 at Gaming Nexus.


SF 6 characters

Inverse also awards a 10/10 rating to SF 6.

SF 6 made headlines with these reviews and it is surely going to be a hit. Now, let’s find out some of the most captivating aspects of the game.

New characters in Street Fighter 6:

Street Fighter 6 features a total of 18 characters, including a number of familiar faces and a few fresh additions as well. While 12 popular characters make a return, they have been rejuvenated with new quirks added to their move sets. For example, Ken now boasts a command run that alters the properties of several of his special moves, granting them EX-like qualities without requiring Drive Meter consumption. Cammy, on the other hand, can charge her special moves, infusing them with V-Trigger-like attributes, enhancing her versatility in combat. Additionally, Dee Jay has been equipped with an array of deceptive maneuvers, making him an incredibly tricky character to both use and counter.

Among the newcomers, the additions are truly exceptional. Kimberly stands out with her ninja-inspired skill set, characterized by speedy teleports, ground-shaking Izuna drop-style air throws, and bewildering leaps that keep opponents guessing from a considerable distance. Jamie, on the other hand, embodies a drunken melee powerhouse, fortifying his abilities by indulging in swigs from his flask. Once he consumes four drinks, his moves become ferociously dangerous, attacking adversaries with multi-hitting attacks that leave them disoriented.

Best Controllers for Street Fighter 6:

  • Snack Box Micro
  • Victrix Pro FS
  • Qanba Drone 2 (Budget choice) 

Price & Supported Platforms:

Street Fighter 6 is readily available for purchase on Steam, offering an exciting array of options for players. The base game can be acquired for $59.99, delivering the full Street Fighter experience on PC. For those seeking additional content, the Deluxe Edition, priced at $84.99, presents an enticing package. This edition includes the Character Pass, granting access to four DLC characters, as well as four extra character colors and Drive Tickets that allow for customization within the game.

Furthermore, players can opt for the digital-only Ultimate Edition, priced at $104.99. This comprehensive package not only encompasses the benefits of the Deluxe Edition but also offers a one-year subscription to the Ultimate Pass. With this pass, players gain access to the four aforementioned DLC characters and colors, a plethora of Drive Tickets for further customization, additional costumes, and two new stages to heighten their gaming experience.

Street Fighter 6 extends its availability beyond the PC platform, with releases planned for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S consoles. However, it is worth noting that a Nintendo Switch version has not been confirmed at this time.


The world of Street Fighter has always had its own unique charm and sense of wonder. It’s a universe that bears resemblance to our own, featuring recognizable landmarks in the backgrounds of its stages. However, it’s also a world where a group of determined martial artists stands as the final line of defense against a wicked dictator who wields an ancient and ominous power. In this realm, the power of a well-executed uppercut carries more weight than any military force or high-tech weaponry. It’s a world where the art of combat reigns supreme. The Street Fighter 6 takes this to a whole new level. So we would recommend gaming enthusiasts get their hands on the game soon to enjoy the world of street fighting at a whole new level!

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