Study Reveals that Spending Time on Social Media may Lead Towards Depression

Excess of anything is harmful for people even if it might be social media or any other thing. Every individual who frequently uses social media will have the know-how of feeling resentful of the fun their friends all give the impression to be having. This might particularly be the situation if you’re sitting at home on a cold evening, feeling jaded whereas everyone else is celebrating or having a dazzling holiday in the sun.

Study Reveals that Spending Time on Social Media may Lead Towards Depression

A latest U.S based study funded by the National Institute for Mental Health, recognized a resilient and substantial association between social media use and depression. The study revealed that the levels of depression amplified with extent of time spent using social media and number of visits made to social media sites every week.

Social media permits us to connect and carry on with friends and people we don’t meet frequently. It allows us to have short communications. There might be many complex explanations why social media use can be associated with depression. Such as, it is probable that people who are already depressed might be more motivated to depend on social media rather than face-to-face interactions, so more social media use may be an indicator instead of a cause of depression.

We all have a basic requisite to be liked and recognized by others and social media can play into this susceptibility. “Likes” are the money of social media, and people who have low self-worth may place great importance on looking for proof from their social media use by trying to entice likes to their comments as a technique of increasing their self-esteem. It is the nature of humans to equate ourselves but sometimes comparison can be a manner to stimulate ourselves to recover in some way, but then the judgments become negative, and erode self-esteem.

Though we don’t know ample about how the way social media is used and its effect on mood and longer-term mental health. So maybe the best choice for us is to identify that social media can be a valued tool to communicate with friends and that our interactions on social media should not excessively impact our self-esteem. It might also be worth recalling that, how much people express that they are happy and relishing they are only curating the best moments of their life not the bitter ones.

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