Suicide Tips Spotted on YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is a video app that is specifically designed for children. The app has already faced criticism from advocacy groups, but now a mother named Hess spotted a suicide content on the app.

The lady has reported that she has spotted a clip from a children’s video game, where a man appeared on the screen and started giving instructions on how to commit suicide.

Suicide Tips Spotted on YouTube Kids

Hess said about the clips Sunday in a phone interview with The Washington Post:

“I think it’s extremely dangerous for our kids, I think our kids are facing a whole new world with social media and internet access. It’s changing the way they’re growing, and it’s changing the way they’re developing. I think videos like this put them at risk.”

YouTube spokesman, Andrea Faville, said that the company is working to ensure that it is not encouraging the dangerous behavior, moreover, the company has also strict policies that restrict the videos which encourage self-harm.

The company should take some serious steps against the suicide content appeared in the clip. As the app is only for kids and parents were so satisfied that their kids are watching the content which is free from harmful content. However, the recent clip left everyone in a shock.

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