Supreme Court Takes Notice of Questionable Content on YouTube

Yesterday, a three-member bench at the Supreme Court of Pakistan took notice of the questionable content online video sharing platform, YouTube, and issued notices to the Foreign Office and Attorney General. One of which was Justice Mushir Amin who questioned the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had seen what is streaming and being uploaded on YouTube.

Supreme Court Takes Notice of Questionable Content on YouTube

He also added that there are several other countries too where YouTube is banned too, and challenged to upload content against America and the European Union. He had his observations about different countries being able to control their social media by having local laws.

The court mainly objected to the unregulated content being shared on social media that did not have any check and balance. In particular, the highest court was not satisfied with the comments that usually surface against the judiciary, army, and the government.

The bench states that it was these social media videos that instigated hate amongst the public towards the state’s institutions. Justice Qazi Muhammad Amin who was also part of the three-member bench added that the court had no objection over the freedom of expression or speech, but the families of the office bearers being targeted in these videos weren’t a healthy practice.

The PTA authorities present in court showed their helplessness in their response as they can only report the individual content and not remove it. After handing out notices to the offices of Attorney General and Foreign Affairs, the Supreme Court’s hearing was adjourned for an indefinite period.

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