Switch to Windows phone app helps you to get your favorite Android apps on Windows Phone

Microsoft targets Android users with Switch to Windows Phone app; Microsoft now takes a step forward and asks the users of other platforms to switch to Windows Phone without worrying about their apps, because now Windows Phone has an app for that!

‘Switch to Windows phone’ app helps you to get your favorite Android apps on Windows Phone That’s a Good News

[success]‘Switch to Windows Phone’ is an app that allows users to see how many of their Android apps are available on Windows Phone. The app will check to see if the installed apps on android phone are available in the Windows Phone Store. [/success] [blockquote cite=”‘] The app can easily match 80% of the installed Android apps on any phone

How it works:
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  • Scan the installed apps on your phone
  • Find the Windows Phone equivalents
  • Save the personalized match results to retrieve later on your Windows Phone
  • The Switch to Windows Phone app can save all results and can retrieve them later on the new Windows Phone.


To download CLICK HERE

So what are you waiting for that’s a nice opportunity switch to window phone and enjoy all its new features also. Due give us feedback that you liked it or not.

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