TCS and Daraz Join Hands to Ease the Online Shoppers Experience

Everybody knows about Daraz, the E-store where you can buy several products delivered at your doorsteps. So is the case with TCS. In Pakistan, TCS is the courier service working for quite a long time now. The good news is TCS and Daraz both of them join hands the making the life of online shoppers easier. This E-commerce and logistics partnership works for a comfortable shopping experience for its customers.

TCS and Daraz Join Hands to Ease the Online Shoppers Experience

In this pandemic, the world is all relying on E-commerce. Even the offices are now working from home. In this hour of need, the initiative will have a positive impact. As the numbers of orders are increasing, the number of deliveries will increase too. To keep pace with the ongoing and upcoming challenges, this step is revolutionary.

The CEO of TCS Private Limited Group, Haris Jamali, shared his insight, ‘the digital reformation is one of the biggest successes we achieve in 40 years from the beginning. It is really important to monitor the captains and deliveries in real-time as it will bring a vast change. This year, there is also an increase in our fleet by 30%.’

Covid has made multiple businesses sell online. As a report, the Pakistani E-commerce industry is growing yearly. Daraz has also seen a rise in its user by 50%. It clearly shows people are now adapting to new modes of shopping and getting used to digitalization. The CEO of Daraz, Ahmad Tanvir also points out the need for logistical infrastructure improvement in Pakistan. The companies like TCS are positively responding in this regard.

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This initiative will surely bring positives to E-commerce as well as the logistical infrastructure related to online shopping.

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