Team PAK Cyber Expert Hacks PEPCO Website

Pakistan Electric Power Company hacked by Pakistani hacker. The hackers have clearly mentioned their reason for hacking this site and that is because of the present condition of electricity. As we all know that in this Holy month of Ramadan Pakistan is suffering from unlimited number of load-shedding hours. While the company has promised that the number of load-shedding hours will be decreased in this holy month of Ramzan but they haven’t fulfilled their promise.

PEPCO Website Hacked by Pakistani Hackers named “Team PAK Cyber Expert”

From previous days we all know the condition of Karachi heat waves. The company hasn’t paid any kind of attention for the people they haven’t provided the city with electricity for days and people have died because they haven’t got the light as well any cold water. And now they have made the duration hours more than the promised time and especially in at time of Iftar and Sehri. After hacking the web site they have written a message for the company:

[pull_quote_center]site ki load shedding mubarik ho 😉 [/pull_quote_center]

And further it was written that:

[pull_quote_center]pury Pakistan ki trf sy dil ke gehriyon sy…. Samajh gy na ;D ?? (From whole Pakistan from bottom of the heart… did u get it?)[/pull_quote_center]

The whole web site home page was black and the message was written in white, red and green color. The hacker message clearly says that they are also the common people of Pakistan and just wanted that the Pakistan Electric Power Company also feels the pain which the common people of Pakistan are suffering from long time. They have mentioned their name in the message on the website “Team PAK Cyber Expert”. They are not the attention seeker they just want the attention of the Government and Pepco towards this serious problem which the common people of Pakistan are suffering.

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