Tecno Mobile & Khubaib Foundation Joined Hands to Empower Orphans

Tecno Mobile, a leading phone brand is joining hands with Khubaib Foundation Haripur, a humanitarian and social welfare organization for a special campaign to celebrate a one year collaboration under their new MOU.

Tecno Mobile and Khubaib Foundation celebrate their new collaboration with a special campaign dedicated to empowering orphans

The nationwide campaignTecno Blue Chalk aims to provide quality education for orphans and evoke values of generosity and kindness. The initiative laid out in the MOU involves Tecno Mobile’s support to Khubaib Foundation in the form of a monetary donation along with the remarkable prospect of further future donations. Amazingly a portion of capital generated by each and every purchase of the Tecno Mobile handset will be given to Khubaib Foundation for the education of orphans housed by the organization.

The ceremony began with the name of Allah (the Beneficent, the Merciful) and was followed by a recitation of Kalam-e-Iqbal by the children.

The lively event involved many fun activities dedicated to the orphans. The children showcased their talents through sports and art with a display of Taekwondo techniques and the performance of a cultural show. Cheering them on was the Tecno team who then went on to provide everyone with a delicious iftar, followed by the distribution of Eid gifts to the orphans. Attendees of the event included a number of celebrities, KOL’s educationists and a large number of media personnel.

The campaign itself was not just limited to this evening alone. Tecno has set new standards as a socially responsible investor through their goal of carrying out a national fundraising drive over the course of the year. More than a 100 donation boxes for Khubaib Foundation will be placed in Tecno outlets across the country which is expected to allow for more support and contributions for this cause. This above and beyond approach taken by Tecno for the welfare of the orphans is noteworthy and no doubt acts as a source of inspiration for others looking to improve society.

In a message the Tecno GM notes:

Education is the cornerstone of any society but unfortunately some children are unable to get a quality education due to financial pressures or familial circumstances.

An orphan child is even more marginalized and so it is the responsibility of each and every individual of the society to help uplift the most vulnerable of all children and raise them to reach their full potential. No child should be left behind. I must appreciate Khubaib Foundation, which has done a wonderful job at ensuring that these children are protected, educated and are developed as useful members of the society. It is our pleasure to support the future of the nation and to give these bright and beautiful children a fair chance in life”.

Khubaib Foundation also noted that it is pleased with the support provided by Tecno and is looking forward to providing the best educational resources possible to the children under their care.


The Tecno Blue Chalk campaign is a brilliant example of an impactful CSR project dealing with social issues. Most importantly though the proactive approach of sharing a portion of profits from each of their handset has truly set Tecno Mobile apart from all others and moreover chalked out a new trend in CSR for Mobile competitors to follow.

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