Telcos suffered because of the blockade

Telcos suffered because of the blockade

The Ministry of Interior ordered the suspension of mobile services for around ten to twelve hours on 21 September over security concerns. This caused loss of millions of rupees to Pakistani mobile operators.

Mobile operators claimed that the blockade across 15 cities caused a loss of over Rs450 million, as the period of the blockade was longer than last time. Similar blockade was imposed on ‘Chaand Raat’ before Eidul Fitr and in Quetta on Aug 14, under the orders of interior Minister Rehman Malik.

People criticized the move strongly saying that blocking mobile services causes problems for home security, tracking services, and emergency services. There are countless stories of people facing troubles dues to this blockade. But the anger in the telecom industry was no less.

“Closing down the mobile phone services is becoming an ‘extortion’ tactic of the federal government. It also shows their lack of regard for international investors and multinational companies”

Shutting down the mobile phone service means that you are shutting your own eyes and ears. Communication is the backbone of swift intelligence operations in such crisis and rioting. Government should draft alternative plans to improve security without blocking mobile services. so that the loss faced by mobile operators can decrease.

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