Telecom Industry Campaign Review – (Dec – Jan)

Telecom Industry Campaign Review – (Dec – Jan)

[info]Djuice Telecom Campaign – All in One Offer TVC 2014[/info]

Director: Aniq Earnest Saleem
Rating: 4 Stars
Highlighted Feature: To introduce a package that offered 100rps balance and 3000MB 3G internet in just 40rps.

Djuice’s TVC ‘All in One’ is showing the ‘lifelike’ of our young generation, especially university students. Aniq pulled a brilliant idea of showing that how you can get more in fewer prices by comparing the package with how students organize great functions with minimum resources.

This TVC delivered a superb package quality and quantity for the money, so I consider it a win-win game for the users who loves to stay connected. In the case of a scoring tie, I’ve ranked it 4 (*), as I think it delivered a better overall package.

[success]Huawei Telecom Campaign – Ascend Y520 TVC 2014[/success]

Director: Jeff Balsmeyer
Rating: 1.5 Stars
Highlighted Feature: This TVC shows the features and specifications of Huawei’s latest smartphone – Ascend Y520

First of all, I want my 1.06 minutes of my life back, PHEWWW! This TVC almost gave me a mini heart attack. I wonder what could be more pathetic and senseless than this TVC.

There is a series of blunders in this TVC, first was Humaima Malik talking in Meera’s accent, then comes the ‘psycho’ expressions of the Hero of this TVC and the background music of ‘Dil ki khirki’ was irritating. Secondly, picking up Humaima’s face for the brand is kind of not happening move, Samsung has already done it.

The most tragic was the ‘features’ of phone which were highlighted i.e. Navigation and Weather update. P.S. Every single smartphone has these features.

[notice]Ufone Telecom Campaign – Emergency Missed Call TVC 2014[/notice]

Director: Ahsan Rahim
Rating: 3 Stars
Highlighted Features: TCV introduces the Emergency missed call service, which lets users to send missed call with ZERO balance.

I must admit that the frequency and repetition of the ‘signature’ humor it uses in its TVCs is still worth watching. This newest TVC by Ufone brings an interesting feature that we all need badly i.e. emergency missed call.

This service is has been already offered by Zong, But only Ahsan Rahim has the talent to best portray through his ideas. I would still minus (-) a star (*) for not being the first one to introduce this service.

[error]QMobile Telecom Campaign – W200 TVC 2014[/error]

Director: Ahsan Rahim
Rating: 3.5 star
Highlighted Feature: A TVC that highlights the features of Qmobile W200

Qmobile is a brand which always comes with such high budgeted, tailor-made, youth-centric Ads, and this time Qmobile has launched an amazing feature phone with an up-beat loud TVC for the feature phone users.

This ad features a Bollywood-act and notably this is the first time that Qmobile has made such a ‘Dhamakaydar’ ad for a feature phone.
I would give an extra (*) for Amna Ilyas, who is regarded as to be fresh and new face in the Pakistani fashion industry, whereas I would minus a (*) for a copied song.

[info]Voice Mobile Telecom Campaign – TVC for V950 Feature Phone[/info]

Rating: 4 Stars
Highlighted Features: Voice Mobile V950 is the first bar phone with Wi-Fi and Front Camera

While all the famous mobile brands are busy investing in celebrities, Voice mobile picked a different approach, where the story of the campaign was unique and it justified the handset.

I don’t mind new faces in campaigns, but I dislike the new trend of the actors/actresses faces being placed and highlighted more than the product itself. Voice mobile played very smartly by making an advertisement that shows the unique features of the mobile phone.

[success]Apple Telecom Campaign – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus TVC 2014[/success]

Rating: 2 Stars
Highlighted Features: TVC features the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

The TVC shows common and uncommon tasks people can accomplish with their iPhone, such as editing pictures, working online, creating music, shooting videos, sending text messages and playing games. The ad ends with the tagline “Bigger than Bigger”.

There are two reasons that I gave 2 stars (**) to this TVC, Firstly the ’ta dan tadan tadaa’ was quite irritating and secondly, this is not the Goosebumps wow perfection that could be expected from Apple. I feel like Apple failed to deliver the uniqueness, class and the fun of its products in its campaign.

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