Telecom sector Uses ToU meters excessively


Telecom sector Uses ToU meters Excessively

ToU meters divide the day, month and year into tariff slots and with higher rates at peak load periods and low tariff rates at off-peak load periods.

While this can be used to automatically control usage on the part of the customer, resulting in an automatic load control, this also allows the utility companies to plan their transmission infrastructure appropriately.

The Islamabad Electric Supply Company (Iesco) in a communique to Nepra maintained that the organizations in the telecom and cellular sector and all offices had been unduly advantaged by the installation of the ToU meters, as no distinction could be made between off-peak and peak hours in such organizations due to the nature of the services provided by this sector.

  • Nepra has been reminded that these companies maintain a constant load throughout the day, weeks, months and year, as they are not capable of reducing the load during peak hours.
  • Conversion to a ToU meter is only viable for consumers who are aware of the rules and are able to alter their consumption patterns to maximize the plan benefits.
  • The distribution companies recommended to the Nepra that ToU metering should be discontinued on such connections.

Meanwhile, Nepra has decided to hold a separate hearing for reconsideration of ToU meters installation for cellular companies, inviting and involving all stakeholders

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