Telegram Down after being Targeted in a DDoS Attack

Is China Behind It?

One of the most popular messaging apps, Telegram is down after being targeted by a denial-of-service attack. The app has approximately 200 million users who were not able to use the app for many hours, yesterday. The messaging app did not reveal any details of the DDoS attack. Basically, DDoS attacked floods the app with too much traffic which might be fake, but due to it the app usually goes down.

While announcing the news, Telegram wrote that:

Telegram Down Once Again

In order to tell users what the attack actually is, Telegram said that:

Government from different countries are against this app and have not even provided access to the app. This is not the first time Telegram has suffered DDoS attack. In August the app was indulged in the same attack.

Rogan said in a statement that:

 “As the saying goes, ‘Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me,’ and Telegram is looking particularly foolish as the company has not learned from its previous incident. “Personal computers, laptops, IoT devices and even servers, which do not have adequate security, can easily fall victim to malicious actors and become part of a worldwide botnet,” He said the botnets, or networks of computers marshalled often without people’s knowledge, can be hard to stop, but it’s not impossible. Utilizing application security testing throughout the software life cycle will help ensure any existing threats within the application are mitigated, and adding security automation to your system will allow it to respond in real time against threats regardless of their size,”

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