Telegram gets the most awaited update with customizations

Telegram’s upgrades are always packed with smart new features, and the newest release Telegram version 8.0.1, is no exception. The update includes synchronized chat themes similar to Facebook Messenger, interactive emojis, better read receipts, and the ability to record live broadcasts and video chats.

Telegram New Update Features


Chat Themes:

According to Telegram, this upgrade will combine coordination and decorating with new themes for individual chats. Telegram has numerous tools for organising and customising conversations, such as Chat Folders, Animated Backgrounds, and so on. The app now has eight additional themes that users may use to individual private chats.

Interactive emojis:

Interactive emojis are also included in the update. When you tap an emoji, a full-screen animation will launch, which will be visible to everybody in the chat. The animations are also accompanied by vibrations. This improves the whole conversation experience by making it more connected, expressive, and personal.

Improved Group chats:

As we’ve seen in the beta, this update improves read receipts for group chats. A group communication, like previously, is marked as read with two checkmarks when just one member of the group views it. But now, you can also press and hold the message to check who has and hasn’t seen it, which is useful if you need to make sure everyone is on the same page with a date you’re trying to set up.

The firm claims that read receipts are only available for “small groups,” but does not explain what constitutes a small group. For what it’s worth, the screenshot depicts a 12-person group.

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Record Live Stream

Telegram admins will be able to start a recording directly from the Live Stream or Video Chat menu, with the option to record both video and audio or only audio. They must pick an orientation for the final video file, Portrait or Landscape, before they may capture video. When the recording is done, or the broadcast is stopped, the file is immediately posted to the Saved Messages box.


“Another big Telegram update is available now after being ultimately approved by Apple,” stated Telegram CEO and Founder Pavel Durov on his Telegram Channel blog. It is packed with one-of-a-kind features that push the boundaries of what a messaging software can accomplish. This new version of Telegram also includes a significant update that will allow our app to run uninterrupted.

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