Telegram trolls WhatsApp over its new Data Transfer Limit

WhatsApp and Telegram are rival, and their rivalry has taken to social media. This war will not deny the fact that WhatsApp is the largest platform offering messaging service to millions of people globally. Now people are more comfortable with encrypted communication instead of sending messages through text messages.WhatsApp is very active on Twitter and keeps on announcing its most basic features on it. Just recently WhatsApp took to twitter to announce WhatsApp new data transfer limit of 100MB.

What feedback it gained was unexpected. People were not happy about this much file transfer and also trolled WhatsApp statement of not sending an email and using WhatsApp instead.

WhatsApp new Data Transfer Limit Announced

WhatsApp’s rival did not let this situation go out of its hand and found it as the best time to troll its opponent. In an effort to mock WhatsApp, the messaging app Telegram came up with another tweet in which Telegram displayed its capacity of sending large limit files up to 1.5 GB.

If we analyze the overall scenario, it seems that WhatsApp had no goals to achieve when it announced its new limit, and it even had no idea about the data transfer limit of its competitor. It means the messaging app, WhatsApp had competition with itself. One thing is also to be noted here that is Telegram got more like on its tweets as compared to WhatsApp. If things would keep going like this, in no time, Telegram is going to surpass WhatsApp.

If we look at the other part of the picture, it is also possible that WhatsApp will fasten its seat belt to roll out an increased limit for WhatsApp file transfer as soon as possible.

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