Telegram X Latest Update Brings Notifications 2.0, Polls & Much More

Telegram X is an official Telegram app that’s separate from the main official app. It is actually the advanced version of the regular Telegram App with a couple of experimental features. Telegram X comes with improved speed and animations and boasts some experimental features that the original Telegram app is not yet possessing.  Recently, the App got a Major Update. The Telegram X Latest Update has brought Notifications 2.0, Polls & much more.

Telegram X Got A Major Update

The latest update has brought some significant changes. The new April Update comes with a completely new notifications system, which Telegram calls Notifications 2.0. The notifications 2.0 have vastly improved behavior, reliability, added customization and more importantly, they go easier on the battery. The most notable change is that dismissed notifications will not appear again after receiving a message from another chat.

The update has also brought some new privacy-oriented notification settings and better notification grouping as well. In addition to the notification improvements, polls, general performance optimizations and better control over your data have also been added. The April update also brought the Multi-account 2.0 that helps in eliminating the needs of cloning apps or third-party alternatives.

A few weeks back, Telegram gained 3 million new users in just one day. CEO Telegram Pavel Durov announced the addition of new users on Telegram. In those 24 hours Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were facing outages globally and were down. For a platform having 200 million active users, gaining 3 million New Users in just one day is a big achievement.

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