Telenor Announces 7 Tech Trends for 2019

At the end of the year, many tech giants are releasing reports regarding the best tech of 2018 or trending tech of 2018. Every year, Apple releases report on the most downloaded apps of the year. Google also reveals the List of 2018’s Top Trending Searches ever year.  As the year 2018 is about to end, Telenor has revealed the list of 2019’s seven trending techs. The Telenor said that 2018 was the year of self-driving cars, Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrencies. It also foresees that 2019 will be the year of seeing some techs in markets by Introducing 7 Tech Trends for 2019.

Tech Trends for 2019 That Will Shape the Industry

Telenor Group Analysts Foresees the 7 tech trends of 2019 coming our way. Following are the seven tech trends.

DeepFake: Faking on Social Media

According to Telenor, the year 2018 was full of deep fake where people used to filter, masks and other technologies, faking themselves on social media. The year 2019 will be full of the more deepfake content event to such an extent that differentiating between fake and real will become nearly impossible.

AI Everywhere:

In the year 2017, Telenor had predicted that AI will make its way to market. Now According to Telenor AI will deeply impact the industry and in 2019 AI will get more public scrutiny. Artificial Intelligence and especially Deep Learning, the ‘magic’ that is bringing us driverless cars and facial recognition, has been sitting solidly atop the hype curve over the last few years. The technology will take on different industries, be it health, energy, transport and telco.

5G to Make its way:

The year 2017 and 2018 was full of 5G testing and many companies had collaborated to make 5G a reality. Sneak peeks at 5G in action come courtesy of the Winter Olympics in South Korea with increased use of network virtualization, availability of first 5G specifications and spectrum.

In addition to seeing the development and testing of advanced technical features, we also expect to see real-life use cases demonstrated. We might see 5G-linked drone equipment follow ski jumpers through the air, views of the slopes from different 5G-connected vantage points for instance.

In 2019, 5G will pave its way to reality and will finally hit the market in 2020 as promised.

IoT Ushers in Industrial Age:

The year 2019 will be full of IoTs.  The technology will be used in different sectors and market such as agriculture in order to reshape it. We already have certain examples of IoTs such as LTE networks for CCTV and automotive. So IoT will get into more limelight in the year 2019.

CHATBOTS will be welcomed to the Family:

After drones, AI and IoTs, CHATBOTS have joint the family. In 2019, chatbots will be seen in many household devices. These are the most advanced system transforming homes. In 2019, Chatbots will be more intelligent than a human. Soon it will replace apps and other technologies.

Screening Time to be Reduced:

People are becoming anxious regarding the ever-increasing screen time. In order to reduce it, many apps have also incorporated time tracking features which show the amount of time spent on using the app. People will get more aware and will start using do not disturb modes on phones.

Soon mobile free meals will be enjoyed in family and friends and many people will switch to flip phones this year.

GreenTech and its positive effects:

More environmental friendly technologies will be introduced and Green tech awareness will be made to the public in 2019. UN’s intergovernmental panel on Climate changes 2018 report was an awakening call for many people. So the year 2019 will definitely respond to Greentech technologies.

Do you want to add to the Tech Trends provided by Telenor? Feel free to share your views in the comments section below.

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