Telenor Balance Share Code – Telenor Smart Share 2019

You can easily share your balance or credit to your friends and family using the Telenor smart share feature. If you have got a Telenor sim, the balance share code mentioned below would easily let you share your balance.

Telenor Smart Share – Balance Share Code

Time needed: 1 minute.

Any Telenor user can share balance by simply dialing

  1. Dial *1*1*92345xx*amount#

    Replace 92345xx with the number you want to share balance to, starting with 92. Replace “amount” with the amount you want to share (15-200).

  2. Confirmation

    Confirm by replying 1, and your balance will be shared.

And your balanced will be shared. You need to make sure that you type in the exact same pattern as mentioned above in order for it to work.

Price Telenor Balance Share Code
Rs. 5.7 *1*1*NUMBER*BALANCE#



You need to confirm by replying with 1 after dialing the balance share code.

Are there any charges to share balance?

Yes, Rs. 5.7

Can Telenor postpaid users share balance?

No, they cannot share balance. Only prepaid users can share balance with other Telenor numbers.

Do I need to have specific Telenor Package in order for it to work?

No, all Telenor Prepaid users can use Telenor Smart Share, irrespective of what package they are on.

Minimum and Maximum Amount that can be shared?

You can share a minimum of Rs.15 to a maximum of Rs. 200.

How do I activate Telenor Smart Share, if I haven’t already?

Call 345 or visit any Telenor Sales & Service Centre to get Smart Share activated.

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