Telenor Becomes a Key Player in the Mobile Industry By Bringing Affordable Smartphones

Telenor Pakistan has entered into the industry of Smartphones with a swag. The company is already providing satisfactory cellular services and won the hearts of subscribers, but by introducing Telenor affordable smartphones it is now also rocking in the mobile industry. Now, Telenor Becomes a Key Player in the Mobile Industry.

Telenor is the second largest cellular services provider in Pakistan. The company is basically owned by Telenor Group. The cellular company is facilitating its customers with affordable call and massage packages. It is providing its services with high quality across Pakistan. Because of Telenor’s reliable services, its subscribers are increasing day by day. Other than call and message packages, the company is also providing affordable internet data packages.

Telenor Becomes a Key Player in the Mobile Industry By Bringing Affordable Smartphones

Well, the story is not ending here. Telenor is giving more and more to its customers but still not satisfied. That’s the reason it always plans to give something extra to its customers. Other than cellular services, now it also facilitates the customers in providing affordable smartphones. So customers can get the amazing handsets in affordable prices with high-quality cellular services at one place.

According to IDC market analysis, Telenor is now becoming a great player in the market, which is also helping the industry to grow smartphone penetration.

Currently, in Pakistan, there are some handsets available with Telenor branding, the Infinity series, which was launched in partnership with condor. You can check below.

Mobile Price in Rupees
Infinity i4 9,999
Infinity e4 12,499
Infinity a4 16,999

Telenor in partnership with condor will be launching Infinity 5th Generation handsets with better & improved features in May’19.

Telenor has also partnered with QMobile to introduce amazing handsets in the market. This is the reason, now it has introduced three handsets that are co-branded with QMobile.

  • LT360
  • HD PLus
  • LT550

We hope in the near future, we will see Telenor among the big players in mobile manufacturer industry.

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