Telenor brings 3G Dongle for its Users

The Telenor Group has already launched 3G in 11 countries under the initiative of ‘Internet for All’ to make mobile and internet connectivity accessible to everyone. Now it launches its technologically advance 3G Dongles for super fast internet. Telenor brings 3G Dongle for its Users.

Telenor brings 3G Dongle for its Users

Telenor USB Dongles provide flexibility, it costs Rs.2500 with the assurance of no hidden charges

The USB Dongle by Telenor is a specific USB device which can plug in your computer without problems or you can use it for your laptop to get direct access to the internet. Lots of advantages are there with this amazing offer, as with Telenor’s USB Dongle, no need for the modems connection, cables, phone lines, or many more. USB dongle by Telenor is available for customers at just Rs.2500 and users can receive 1500 MB internet free for almost three months. However, from the purchasing date, the device has only 1 year limited warranty.

1500 MB* free internet for 3 Month


How to Activate?

  • Send “SUB” to “6004”. Select the desired bundle from the received SMS Menu.

Terms and Conditions

  • Data SIM registered through a biometric kiosk is required to get data services on dongle.
  • Free Usage is from  1AM to 8AM and given 500 MB daily for this time period.
  • Free 1500 MB will be given as 500 MB* / Month for 3 month.
  • If you are not in 3G area Data SIM will seamlessly shift to 2G internet.

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