Telenor Honors Its Interns

Islamabad October 30, 2013: Telenor Pakistan organized its internship graduation ceremony at Marriot Hotel Islamabad. Sixty nine interns were awarded with certificates and gifts from Telenor Pakistan. Apart from interns many professionals and top management of Telenor Pakistan were also present on this occasion. Mr. Shoaib Baig, the Chief Human Resource Officer and Vice President of Telenor Pakistan said in his speech that “this year about eighteen thousand and five hundred individuals applied from all over the country, out of which sixty nine were selected for the internship program and six of them have been hired for different entry level positions at the organization. And we are trying to accommodate the other graduating interns in various other entry level positions in their respective domains.” He further added that the selection of all the interns was purely based on merit and it was indeed a matter of great pride and satisfaction for all the interns to become a part of the cream under such healthy competition. Few of the interns expressed their views regarding the internship experience at Telenor, and they had considered it as a lifetime learning experience. According to them the best thing which they liked about the organization was this that it has a highly conducive environment and all the professionals working within a team are quiet supportive towards each other. One of the interns mentioned in his statement that “while working in my team the thing which I enjoyed the most was this that there is no concept of senior or junior, all the professionals of the team are considered to be equal”.  A question and answer session was also carried out between the interns and the top management.  On answering a question regarding the auctioning of 3G technology in Pakistan, Mr. Kazim Mujtaba, the Chief Strategy Officer of Telenor, said that Telenor fully supports the auctioning of 3G technology in the country and as the government has officially declared that the 3G technology will get auctioned in the first quarter of next year so Telenor will be amongst the first organizations of the country to get the 3G license. He further added that after getting the license there would be a need to create a separate division for the “Internet Services” and for that in order to fulfill our manpower requirements we will create ample employment opportunities for the public. One of the interns had asked about the greatest strength of Telenor and the greatest threat which Telenor is facing at present on which Mr. Gyorgy Koller, the Chief Technology Officer replied that “our strength is our people and the greatest threat which we as well as the other organizations of the country are facing is this that the GDP of the country is going very down, and we are doing each and every thing on our part to save the country from painful crisis.” Two of the six interns who were hired on different entry level positions, said that since now they have been promoted from interns to the designation of officers in their respective departments, they do not feel any huge difference since they were working for the department as interns in the same way as they are working right now as officers.

The interns were later awarded with their internship certificates by the top management, and then a photography session took place. All the interns seemed to be extremely delighted and satisfied on the occasion. During cap throwing, smiling faces and glowing eyes were seen everywhere.

Telenor Pakistan organizes its internship program every year. The candidates go through a rigorous process i.e. firstly they have to pass their online tests then they undergo a series of interviews and finally the best ones get themselves selected for the position of intern in different departments.

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