Telenor launches a unique campaign ‘Razia Gundon Mein Phans Gai’

Telenor launches the first webisode of its new campaign, which covers a 3minute video where Razia is kidnapped by the villain Changez. This campaign holds a very catchy tagline i.e. “A film about Love, deception and true friendship”

Telenor launches a unique campaign ‘Razia Gundon Mein Phans Gai’

The story line is pretty typical; REAL bad guy ‘Changez’ kidnaps the heroine ‘Razia’ and t‘HERO’ is all set to rescue her with the help of his smartphone and off course ‘Basanti’. The loud music in the video adds to the action/drama. The episode ends with a ‘to be continued’ factor, which makes viewers to come back for more.

After “Khamoshi Ka Boycott” by Djuice; this is second shot that Telenor uses a different tone and style to engage its consumers through digital media.

The Campaign also leaves many question marks ‘?’ & quizzes for the viewvers:

This new style of campaign by Telenor Talk Shawk is considered unique because it’s not only an advertisement but ‘A Film’, which will be watched by viewers on a regular basis.

Like many other countries, marketing-mix in Pakistan also depends on the basic human motivations where fun, catchy slogans, sports, music and celebrity connection are used to communicate the brand.

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