Telenor Pakistan Leading the Digital Citizen’s Lifestyle Needs

While the year 2020 has brought us many challenges, it has also fast-tracked the adoption of a truly digital lifestyle by populations all over the world. Data usage, E-commerce, digital payments, streaming service subscriptions, and a host of other digital services have all registered enormous growth in the past 10 months. And all through this time, Telenor Pakistan has been proactively providing solutions to these evolving Digital Citizen’s Lifestyle needs. By closely monitoring this rapid evolution of users’ needs, Telenor Pakistan has been able to consistently come up with breakthrough products and services that allow Pakistanis to Do More, Be More, and Achieve More!

In today’s digital era, Telenor Pakistan is keeping customers at the core of its business and introducing relevant & customer-centric products and services. It has been successful in anticipating their evolving needs through critically observing and analyzing customer behavior. As the population across Pakistan began adapting to the new normal, Telenor introduced an array of digital services tailored to every Pakistani’s needs. Services and offers, that have the potential to enable Pakistanis to live More Se Zyada even when they are bound to their homes. In a world where perspectives are changing significantly, the readiness of a company to adapt itself is judged by how quickly it embodies shifting realities.

Telenor Pakistan Leading the Digital Citizen’s Lifestyle Needs

The digital economy is growing and is expected to continue following an upward trajectory. Telenor Pakistan, throughout its 15year long history, has been a leader in providing and co-creating new solutions with partners to provide its customers with its promise of More Se Zyada value and convenience while staying true to its purpose of bringing every Pakistani closer to what matters most to him/her. It has become a leader in providing offers & services that facilitate a truly digital lifestyle. For instance, it’s video streaming friendly bundles have become one of the most popular in the country indicating the company’s customer-centric approach.

The COVID19 pandemic has caused a drastic change in the way we socialize. People have become restricted in ways they have never experienced before. And this has shifted them towards digital forms of socialization. To satiate this essential human need to socialize and get entertained, Telenor Pakistan launched its Lifestyle Bundle’s portfolio which includes various category of offers including video streaming, networking & conferencing, music, Sports & Gaming. These offers have not only strengthened Telenor Pakistan’s position as a leading Telecommunication company but have also established it as an enabler of the digital lifestyle that has become the need of the hour for millions.

Despite the economic slowdown caused by COVID19, the digital platforms, in particular, have seen steady growth

Telenor has diversified its partnerships to offer the best value propositions to its customers by adding use cases like Snapchat, Zoom, SoundCloud, IMO, TikTok, CricnGif, and Gamebox to its portfolio, in addition to basic use cases like YouTube, Facebook & WhatsApp. You can visit this link to learn more about Telenor’s commitment to bringing More Se Zyada value to its customers’ lives by offering services & bundles that are most relevant to them.

Despite the economic slowdown caused by COVID19, digital platforms, in particular, have seen steady growth. Remote working has propelled the need for mobile internet and today’s increasingly reliant customer needs an online presence more than ever. Telenor Pakistan is committed to keeping this need at the heart of all its endeavors; it aims to innovate continuously and be it functional value or entertainment, Telenor promises to always give you More Se Zyada!

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